Hi, I'm Forrest Phillips!

When I'm not thinking too much about Star Wars, I’m either building props, creating new art, or working on websites.

My twin passions are design and storytelling. The designs and stories we surround ourselves with define and express who we are. Given that, it's worth making sure we put thought into them.

My work has screened at film festivals across the country as well as on NickMom, Yahoo!, and NBC's comedy streaming service Seeso.

Photo by Chris Rasmussen

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Lojong is a Ruby on Rails webapp which displays Tibetan Buddhism's Lojong Slogans. The Slogans are a set of aphorisms designed to help you overcome undesired mental habits. The goal of this app is to introduce people to the slogans and encourage them to learn more.

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Errant Venture

In the old Star Wars Expanded Universe, the smuggler Booster Terrik captured an Imperial Star Destroyer and turned it into a 'shadowport' which served the needs of smugglers and other disreputable spacers. Booster was tired of his ship being 'Star Destroyer White', so he painted it a bright red.

In order to create my replica, I bought a Revell Star Destroyer model and painted it bright red (Rust-oleum American Accents Apple Red paint.)

A Slain Jedi's Lightsaber

This is the first 3D print I've worked with. I painted the base coat with Rustoleum Universal Gold and Oil-rubbed bronze paint. While at Star Wars Celebration Orlando, my lightsaber fell to the ground and broke. I realized this was a golden opportunity to improve my weathering techniques. I weathered the saber by drybrushing the gold parts with a mix of Delta Ceramcoat Dark Brown and Black paints. I then used those same paints to make it look like the neck was cut and burned by the slice of a Sith Lord's crimson blade.

Alexander Hamiltron

The cybernetic 10 dollar Founding Father. For Halloween 2016, my girlfriend and I created Alexander Hamiltron and Aaron Whirr. Essentially, a pun gave birth to a great costume.

Hamiltron's head was a catcher's mask which I attached greeblies to. It was primed and then painted with Rustoleum Universal Metallic Spray Paint. His visor is made of copper grating which was glued into place. Their hair is steel wool.

A Fugitive Jedi's Lightsaber

I created this lightsaber from simple parts like a drain trap and green tea lights. Once assembled, I primed and painted the saber using Rustoleum spray paint. After the base coat dried, I weathered it by dry-brushing it with Tamiya model paint. It has a used aesthetic designed to convey that it belongs to a Jedi hiding from the agents of the Empire. This aesthetic is an ode to the original Star Wars as that's what sparked my interest in prop-making.

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